Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a partner of DigiSkills Belgium?

Any organisation committed to digital skills, reskilling and upskilling can become a partner of DigiSkills Belgium. Training centres, companies as well as social initiatives. Digitalisation or training does not have to be your main activity. If your organisation wants to help improve the digital competencies of Belgians or reduce the digital divide, become a partner!

Is becoming a partner of DigiSkills Belgium free of charge?

Yes, becoming a partner of DigiSkills Belgium is free of charge. This way, we want to give both large and small initiatives with more and slightly fewer working resources the opportunity to share their initiatives with our ecosystem and our followers.

How can I support DigiSkills Belgium?

DigiSkills Belgium is first and foremost an ecosystem of committed partners who each contribute in their own way. Would your organisation like to roll up its sleeves and help create content, organise a webinar, host an event, etc.? Get in touch with us!

As we do not charge membership fees to our partners but need to cover limited operating costs, we are also always looking for sponsors.

What is the DigiSkills Belgium ECOSYSTEM?

As a partner of DigiSkills Belgium, you are part of the ecosystem. We regularly communicate and organise (online) events tailored to our partners.

Besides the online platform aimed at every Belgian looking for digital skills tailored to his or her needs, there is also a partner zone. Via a login, you can access the network of all partners.

What are the advantages of a partnership with DigiSkills Belgium?

Today, there are already many successful initiatives that focus on digital competencies. Yet, we noticed that finding the right target audience for your initiative is not always easy. That is why we bring all initiatives together on one platform and offer a stage for your shout-outs.

Communication and marketing campaigns often target your own network. By working together, we can increase our impact through your network, through our network and the network of all our partners.

What content can my organisation share on the DigiSkills Belgium platform?

The focus of DigiSkills Belgium lies on digital skills, reskilling and upskilling. Would you like to share an initiative that focuses on this? You can! Whether it is a training offer, specific training courses, webinars or events, best practices, articles or online training modules… We will gladly post them on the platform!

The content will be curated by our team. Content that is not relevant we cannot publish, unfortunately. We are also happy to share paid training in initiatives, as long as the social aspect outweighs the purely commercial goals.

How can I share content on the DigiSkills Belgium platform?

If you want to share an initiative, first make sure it is published on your own website or social media. Then, publish the hyperlink to your website on DigiSkills Belgium via the partner login. Selecting the right parameters ensures that your initiative comes up in the search. This way, you remain the owner of your content.

How can I change my organisation's content on the DigiSkills Belgium platform?

If you or someone within your organisation already has a partner login, you can edit the content directly on the platform. If you do not have a login yet, you can request one from one of your team members or contact our team.