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WalHub is an EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) situated in Wallonia, Belgium, with a focus on assisting manufacturing companies with their digital transformation.

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Digi Challenge

The objective of the Digi Challenge is simple: to test one's digital skills in order to identify one's strengths and weaknesses and to access useful and relevant resources (fact sheets, tutorials, training modules) in order to go further, get information or train.

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New European legislation will soon be introduced regarding cybersecurity.Do you already have everything in order, or could you perhaps use some advice?

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Digitale Inclusie - Projectoproep 2023

The European Commission has presented its vision and plans for digital transformation in Europe as part of the European Digital Goals 2030. The Digital decade policy programme is supported by the Digital Compass, which embodies the EU's ambitions for 2030.

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Inspiring testimonials

TEO to strengthen maintenance technicians

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BeCode - Aleksandra on her first hackathon

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DigitAll - Thomas: 'My right to work is faltering'

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Discover your digital skills and seize new career opportunities with Become Digital

Become Digital is about the 27 digital skills that are important in every profession in one way or another. The way we work and the content of jobs is changing rapidly. The job you hold now will look different in 2030, and will require different skills.

Want to discover your unsuspected talents? Become Digital helps you at a glance: assess your talents, develop your skills and discover new career opportunities.

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DigitAll takes action for greater digital inclusion

DigitAll is a coalition of companies, social organisations and government agencies working together for more digital inclusion in Belgium.

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Become Digital for Hupple

Hupple, the Belgian SME specialising in food for cats and dogs, ran the test on Become Digital.

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Become Digital

Discover your skills and seize new career opportunities with Become Digital.

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Be The Change

Digital Skills is about much more than programming. Do you have the necessary soft skills?

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DigiSkills Belgium brings together education and training providers, trade and business associations, IT companies and others with the common aim of sharing knowledge around digital skills.

Share your courses, best practices, testimonials, events and other initiatives through our online ecosystem and contribute to reducing the digital divide.

VRT launches EDUbox on cyber security for young people

Our society is becoming increasingly digitalised, and this also applies to young people. Social media, games and online shops have become an integral part of their lives. However, all these digital applications also provide a playing field for cybercriminals. With the EDUbox Cybersecurity, young people gain insight into the dangers and learn how to use digital tools correctly and responsibly.

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#SmartNation: 10 ambitions for a digital future by 2030

With the launch of the SmartNation website, we are taking an important step forward in realising the 10 ambitions set out by Digital Minds. These ambitions aim to transform Belgium into a leading digital player by 2030.

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27 million euros should close digital opportunity gap in Flanders

Flanders has decided to invest 27 million euros to close the digital opportunity gap, which is 2 million euros more than announced last year. Since August, local authorities have been able to apply for funding for projects aimed at improving citizens' digital skills. A total of 189 local governments have applied and will receive a grant from the Flemish government.

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DigiSkills Belgium launched

Welkom toekomst.

DigiSkills Belgium is a web platform that aims to create an ecosystem of initiatives and training for all Belgian citizens who want to step into the digital society of today and tomorrow. Powered by the Belgian National Coalition for Digital Skills & Jobs, DigiSkills Belgium aims to narrow the digital skills gap at the national level.

Everyone – from students, to parents, to employees or organisations – can be in the dark when faced with the ever-changing digital requirements they need in their lives. But by bringing together education and training providers, trade and business associations, IT companies and others with the common aim of sharing knowledge, everyone can find the right support they are looking for.