Our Mission and Coalition

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DigiSkills is a web platform that aims to create an ecosystem of initiatives and training for all Belgian citizens who want to step into the digital society of today and tomorrow. Powered by the Belgian National Coalition for Digital Skills & Jobs, DigiSkills aims to narrow the digital skills gap at the national level.

Everyone – from students, to parents, to employees or organisations – can be in the dark when faced with the ever-changing digital requirements they need in their lives. But by bringing together education and training providers, trade and business associations, IT companies and others with the common aim of sharing knowledge, everyone can find the right support they are looking for.

The Belgian National Skills & Jobs Coalition

Reflecting the European Commission’s commitment to approaching digital as a make-or-break issue, the platform is a concrete tool for anyone looking to improve or upgrade their digital skills – from training and further education opportunities to digital skills tools and career guidance.

The Belgian National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs brings together regional, national and European authorities, federations, companies and associations active in digital transformation and skills. DigiSkills Belgium was founded with the support of the European Union, Digital Champion of Belgium Saskia Van Uffelen, several federal and and regional government departments, professional federations Agoria, VBO and Federgon, training institutions Syntra and Technifutur, and eduTech company UQALIFY.


Do you have a digital initiative you want to share with Belgium and its citizens?

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DigiSkills Belgium brings together education and training providers, trade and business associations, IT companies and others with the common aim of sharing knowledge around digital skills.

Share your courses, best practices, testimonials, events and other initiatives through our online ecosystem and contribute to reducing the digital divide.

Are your digital skills future-proof?

DigiSkills Passport is about the 27 digital skills that are important in every profession in one way or another. The way we work and the content of jobs is changing rapidly. The job you have now will look different in 2030, and will require different skills.

Find out how digital your skills are already today. Create a DigiSkills Passport in less than 15 minutes. With the DigiSkills Passport in hand, you can then map out a personal growth path for your current job or a job you aspire to. You will be matched with more than 1,000 job profiles.

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