IBM SkillsBuild – Data science Free learning and resources

Over five billion people around the world are online these days. And we’re all creating tons of data every time we do a google search or open an app. But what happens to that data? How do companies make use of it to grow their business? What do you need to know to be a more informed consumer? Explore these questions and get answers in our free data science courses.

IBM SkillsBuild – Intro to emerging technologies Free learning and resources

Curious about tech but not sure where to focus? Start with this introduction to six emerging technologies powering today’s jobs: AI, blockchain, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data and analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). You’ll learn a little about each—like foundational concepts, terminology, and applications. Then you can decide where you want to go deeper.

IBM SkillsBuild – Agile Free learning and resources

“Agile” is a term you’ll hear often in the workplace. It’s a methodology that’s changing how people work—for the better. Agile allows you to create and respond to change, and to deal with and succeed in uncertain environments. And if you can master it, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

IBM – SkillsBuild – Mindfulness Free learning and resources

Did you know mindfulness can reduce stress, lower anxiety, increase joy, build resilience, and enhance your ability to learn? We teamed up with experts from the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre to bring you learning that’ll help you understand mindfulness concepts and techniques, develop focus and self-awareness, and learn how to apply mindfulness practices in your daily life.

IBM SkillsBuild – Free Principles of design course

Unlock your design and creativity skills

Are you a visual person? Do you have an eye for color and patterns? Come explore the world of design! We’ve partnered with Adobe to bring you this Principles of Design course where you can learn the basics and ignite your creative side. Let’s go!

IBM SkillsBuild – Quantum computing Free learning and resources

Quantum computing uses quantum mechanics to solve really complex problems—the types of problems today’s supercomputers can’t handle. It has the potential to lead to major breakthroughs in fields like medicine and finance, allowing us to diagnose illnesses sooner or live better in retirement. Deepen your understanding of this revolutionary field with our free course and resources.

FTRPRF: Digitale lespakketten

We maken kant-en–klare digitale lespakketten rond ICT, computationeel denken en Mens & Samenleving of Burgerschap. Deze lessen worden in een digitaal leerplatform gegoten, waarbij alle mogelijke tools gebundeld worden in hapklare lessen met een hoge funfactor.

IBM SkillsBuild – Cybersecurity Free learning and resources

We’re connected to the internet constantly. And every online interaction creates information. But what happens to it? How do we know that the personal information stored on our devices is safe? How do huge companies that are collecting our information protect it? Learn the basics of cybersecurity and why it’s such a growing career field, while building skills and insights into the world of digital security.

CodeCosmos: Leer kinderen programmeren met Scratch en Minecraft Education

Onze missie is om de digitale vaardigheden van kinderen te stimuleren door hen “computationeel denken” te leren. Zo verwerven kinderen met onze lessen kritische digi-skills die ze nodig hebben in deze digitaliserende maatschappij. Met aantrekkelijke, verhalende en theoretisch onderbouwde leerpaden in Scratch en Minecraft Education bieden we kinderen tussen 10 en 14 jaar een geweldige programmeerervaring. Onze leertrajecten zijn geschikt voor scholen of voor kinderen die thuis aan de slag willen gaan.