Adecco Group

The Adecco Group is the world’s leading talent advisory and solutions company. They skill, develop and hire talent in around 60 countries, enabling organisations to embrace the future of work.

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Blenders: Innovation for All, by All

Blenders presents itself as an independent impact company. They connect the dreams and ideas of entrepreneurs, organisations or other creative minds with the right knowledge, resources and experience. All with the aim of contributing to a better living environment for all. “Innovation by all, for all!

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Media ActieKuregem-Stad

Max vzw is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote social inclusion through digital inclusion. Currently active in the vulnerable sectors of Cureghem and Vieux Molenbeek, it encourages its inhabitants to search for their talents and skills. The organisation uses innovative methodologies and tools, always in Dutch and French, with an emphasis on digital literacy. It offers among other things workshops for children, coding schools and training courses, from basic computer training for people who have never touched a computer to training for more specialised people.

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DigitAll – Alliance for Digital Inclusion in Belgium

DigitAll is a private, public and non-profit sector initiative for digital inclusion in Belgium. This initiative brings together players from various sectors and backgrounds to build synergies and cooperate with one another. The project aims to contribute to bridging the digital divide by putting digital inclusion on the agenda, by developing a network and by creating a number of ready-to-use solutions that have a positive impact in both the short and the long term.

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Technofutur TIC – competence centre

Technofutur TIC is a labelled “competence centre” located at the Gosselies Aeropole, north of Charleroi. The centre has been entrusted by the Walloon Region with the implementation of a high-level awareness, information and training project in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT).

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AI in Business

Learn to set up an AI project in your own company. In less than 4 hours, you will understand the basics of AI, learn about the business drivers for AI and receive practical guidance on how to get started. Video testimonials and more than 30 practical use cases are bound to inspire you for your own AI journey.

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Sustainable AI In Business

Are you aware of everything you need for your AI project?How do you quickly and playfully learn about the human, legal, operational and ethical aspects you need to consider when planning an AI project, to benefit all parties involved? Our suggestion: take part in our free online course “Sustainable AI in Business”, where you take on the role of CEO. Find out if you can answer all your board’s questions, and if not, you’ll gain an extra toolkit.

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This training allows you to discover and learn more about all the possibilities offered by Office 365.

Teams’ with SharePoint and OneDrive integration, Sway, Stream, Flow, Bookings and Planner are all simple and very practical programs that can give a serious boost to your own and your team’s productivity.

This process takes you through the many co-creation possibilities that Office has to offer in 3 sessions of 3 hours.

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PMTIC – Informatique

PMTIC offers a short 48-hour computer training course, tailored to your needs, allowing you to combine quality technical training with personalised support.

This training will allow you to, among other things

– Learn how to write a letter useful in everyday life (a CV, cover letter, letters to the administration, to friends, to the children’s school…)

– Learn how to protect your computer from viruses and other computer threats. Protect your digital identity on the Internet.
send e-mail efficiently to your favourite contacts, potential employers.

– Learn how to use a spreadsheet to manage your household budget, develop skills to enhance your job search.

– Configure your computer properly with the control panel.and much more

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