Jobs for Ukrainians

We welcome this great initiative from The Adecco Group ! A free-to-post platform dedicated to refugee candidates everywhere in order to find solutions to help them integrate and fit into society.

We would also like to give visibility to this honorable initiative and use our ecosystem to make a from training providers, organizations and recruiters .

How can you concretely help? You can post your trainings; job offers or initiatives in the link below to help them find the right support they are looking for.

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WalChain – The “Made in Wallonia” blockchain

The Walchain initiative aims to promote Blockchain “Made In Wallonia” as an innovative tool for building collaborative and transparent ecosystems but also as an opportunity to contribute to the sustainable economic redeployment in Wallonia. The members of the Walchain network come from the various components of the Walloon Blockchain ecosystem: companies, research actors, public organisations, etc.

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Blockstart SME Training Programme

How can you make the most of blockchain technology?
Blockstart SME Training Programme is a free training programme, launched by Blockstart to increase awareness and understanding on the impact of blockchain in your sector and your business.
The programme is tailored for each participant with the options to select from a wide range training sessions, workshops, and webinars.

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Data governance and ways to share data (N-sight)

Beltug is the Belgian association for CIOs and digital technology managers. It reaches CIOs, ICT managers, vendor managers, software asset managers, privacy experts, innovation managers, IT infrastructure managers, CISOs, IT architects, etc. Beltug focuses on their priorities and needs, helping them to maximise the potential of digital technology.

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