Campus 19

Introduction to Campus 19
Campus 19 is an innovative school for IT developers. It is part of the Ecole 42 network, which today is already present in 26 different countries. The principles within each school of the 42 network are the same. The training is free, all computers are available on campus and it is open 24/7. In addition, the school targets anyone over the age of 18 and does not require a degree or previous coding knowledge. For our operation, we use a revolutionary approach called Peer-Learning. Students are faced with challenges within software development, which they have to solve with peers. We work without teachers, without lessons and without classes. Students search for information, learn how to filter it and then use it to develop software together. Collaboration is an important element in this process, and evaluations are also done peer-to-peer or through exams. In this way, 19 students learn not only technical skills but also the soft skills, which companies expect.
In 2018, Ian Gallienne, John Bogaerts and Stephan Salberter founded Campus 19 asbl by opening its first campus in Brussels. It was also the 42 network’s first campus outside of France. Campus 19 is supported by a consortium of companies, which provide sponsorship, internships and jobs, with the aim of helping to bridge the gap in IT profiles on the one hand. Through the school, job seekers can retrain to a job profile that is in high demand by companies. On the other hand, the founders of Campus 19 want to provide people with quality training through an alternative method. In times of digitization, when a life without computers, smartphones and apps is unthinkable, the demand for technological talent has never been higher. Without measures, as many as 584.000 vacancies will go unfilled in Belgium by 2030, one in five of them in IT. In addition, Antwerp currently already has high unemployment rates. Youth unemployment, at 21.2%, is double of the Flemish average. Furthermore, the city also has the highest number of unqualified school leavers and a large number of NEET (not in education, employment or training) youth. By establishing a second campus in Antwerp, 19 wants to contribute to reducing youth unemployment, the number of unqualified school leavers and NEET youth. In addition, it also wants to reach other vulnerable groups by offering a technical training that pays attention to social inclusion.
Network 42
Campus 19, as previously mentioned, is part of network 42. Ecole 42 was founded in 2013 by Xavier Niel, owner of one of the 4 French telecom companies. Its main goal was to support the French digital economy by providing more IT educated people, thus reducing the lack of such professionals. Since the French public education system is struggling to close this gap, 42 chose a unique pedagogical model. In this way, students can be trained regardless of their origin, their personal situation and any previous academic career. Since IT talent occurs in all corners of society, the selection process and curriculum are thus designed to cater to particular target groups.
Target Audience
Anyone who has an interest in technology, exhibits strong motivation and collaborative skills.
More specifically:
• Anyone over the age of 18
• NEET young people
• Women
• Unemployed
• Short-skilled
• Persons with a migration background
• Persons with work disabilities
• Persons seeking a career change
• People over 55
Global network
Currently, the network 42 is represented in 26 countries across 47 campuses with 15.000 students. After completing the first part of the program (common core), students can choose to continue their education in another country. The same principles apply there, namely the course is open to everyone from 18 years old onwards, no prior coding knowledge or degree is needed, the training is completely free, computers are available on campus and the school is open 24/7.



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