Le digital, outil de changement pour des publics fragilisés — la Libre

Max vzw is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote social inclusion through digital inclusion. Currently active in the vulnerable sectors of Cureghem and Vieux Molenbeek, it encourages its inhabitants to search for their talents and skills. The organisation uses innovative methodologies and tools, always in Dutch and French, with an emphasis on digital literacy. It offers among other things workshops for children, coding schools and training courses, from basic computer training for people who have never touched a computer to training for more specialised people.

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Study: ‘Digital is a mindset’

How digital are Belgian industrial SMEs?
What opportunities does digitisation hold in store for your company? And what is the secret of a successful digital transformation? A study conducted among 400 Belgian industrial SMEs reveals the key success factors.

In the run up to the DigiCoach programme, we conducted in-depth interviews with 400 companies. Three subdomains of digitisation were covered:

– Digitisation of business processes
– Digital innovation
– Digital business culture

The survey results are represented in this 40-page study, along with seven golden rules for the successful implementation of a digital culture in your company.

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Gluon Education

We bring technological innovation closer to students and teachers through a STEAM + STARTS (Science, Technology, Arts) program. We organize Labs during school holidays, Pop-Ups at schools, cultural centers, festivals and refresher courses for teachers. All educational projects focus on technological, scientific and artistic experiences. It is precisely the connection between these domains that lays the foundation for innovation.

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