Blockstart SME Training Programme

How can you make the most of blockchain technology?
Blockstart SME Training Programme is a free training programme, launched by Blockstart to increase awareness and understanding on the impact of blockchain in your sector and your business.
The programme is tailored for each participant with the options to select from a wide range training sessions, workshops, and webinars.

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AI Blindspots

How do you avoid the typical AI blindspots?
Experience tells us that important elements of an AI project are often overlooked before, during, or post development. These elements are what we call the AI Blindspots. To discover what AI Blindspots could potentially slow down your project, Agoria has developed a set of cards. These cards help you see the consequences of your decisions and actions well in advance.

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Study: ‘Digital is a mindset’

How digital are Belgian industrial SMEs?
What opportunities does digitisation hold in store for your company? And what is the secret of a successful digital transformation? A study conducted among 400 Belgian industrial SMEs reveals the key success factors.

In the run up to the DigiCoach programme, we conducted in-depth interviews with 400 companies. Three subdomains of digitisation were covered:

– Digitisation of business processes
– Digital innovation
– Digital business culture

The survey results are represented in this 40-page study, along with seven golden rules for the successful implementation of a digital culture in your company.

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AI in Business

Learn to set up an AI project in your own company. In less than 4 hours, you will understand the basics of AI, learn about the business drivers for AI and receive practical guidance on how to get started. Video testimonials and more than 30 practical use cases are bound to inspire you for your own AI journey.

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Sustainable AI In Business

Are you aware of everything you need for your AI project?How do you quickly and playfully learn about the human, legal, operational and ethical aspects you need to consider when planning an AI project, to benefit all parties involved? Our suggestion: take part in our free online course “Sustainable AI in Business”, where you take on the role of CEO. Find out if you can answer all your board’s questions, and if not, you’ll gain an extra toolkit.

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This training allows you to discover and learn more about all the possibilities offered by Office 365.

Teams’ with SharePoint and OneDrive integration, Sway, Stream, Flow, Bookings and Planner are all simple and very practical programs that can give a serious boost to your own and your team’s productivity.

This process takes you through the many co-creation possibilities that Office has to offer in 3 sessions of 3 hours.

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PMTIC – Informatique

PMTIC offers a short 48-hour computer training course, tailored to your needs, allowing you to combine quality technical training with personalised support.

This training will allow you to, among other things

– Learn how to write a letter useful in everyday life (a CV, cover letter, letters to the administration, to friends, to the children’s school…)

– Learn how to protect your computer from viruses and other computer threats. Protect your digital identity on the Internet.
send e-mail efficiently to your favourite contacts, potential employers.

– Learn how to use a spreadsheet to manage your household budget, develop skills to enhance your job search.

– Configure your computer properly with the control panel.and much more

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Digital Skills Digital Sector

Join one or more online sessions, all free and one hour per month (online) to learn more about a mature AI technology; you’re sure to discover an interesting use case for your own business.

Join us on 25 March from 1pm to 2.30pm for a session on the power of small data and data-efficient AI solutions to unlock your own data sets.

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Gluon Education

We bring technological innovation closer to students and teachers through a STEAM + STARTS (Science, Technology, Arts) program. We organize Labs during school holidays, Pop-Ups at schools, cultural centers, festivals and refresher courses for teachers. All educational projects focus on technological, scientific and artistic experiences. It is precisely the connection between these domains that lays the foundation for innovation.

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Data Science bootcamp

In 9 intensive weeks in Brussels, learn all the skills of a Data Scientist. Analyse rich data sets, make complex decisions using data and discover the power of AI & Machine learning to solve real world problems.

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