IBM SkillsBuild – Agile Free learning and resources

“Agile” is a term you’ll hear often in the workplace. It’s a methodology that’s changing how people work—for the better. Agile allows you to create and respond to change, and to deal with and succeed in uncertain environments. And if you can master it, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

e-Sia Learning – Computer essentials

Deze module is geschikt voor wie computers gebruikt om specifieke taken uit te voeren, maar ook als basis voor het ontwikkelen van verdere competenties in het effectief gebruik van technologie op de werkplek.

IBM – SkillsBuild – Mindfulness Free learning and resources

Did you know mindfulness can reduce stress, lower anxiety, increase joy, build resilience, and enhance your ability to learn? We teamed up with experts from the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre to bring you learning that’ll help you understand mindfulness concepts and techniques, develop focus and self-awareness, and learn how to apply mindfulness practices in your daily life.

IBM SkillsBuild – Free Principles of design course

Unlock your design and creativity skills

Are you a visual person? Do you have an eye for color and patterns? Come explore the world of design! We’ve partnered with Adobe to bring you this Principles of Design course where you can learn the basics and ignite your creative side. Let’s go!