All Digital Weeks 2023

From April 17th to May 7th, 2023, ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2023 will take place over a span of three weeks. The campaign has gained the support of the European Commission, and will involve partners from both international and national levels, as well as participating organizations throughout Europe. The campaign’s primary focus is to promote the European Year of Skills, which has been endorsed by the European Commission. Its actions will revolve around the motto “Enhance your digital skills,” which encourages all European citizens to acquire new skills, whether basic or advanced, to confidently face digital transformation.

The ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2023 campaign aims to showcase the importance of providing digital tools and skills to all European citizens, regardless of their background or status. It plans to achieve this by organizing online and offline events and training sessions, supporting all population groups in their digital transformation journeys.

The campaign will also aid in implementing specific actions of the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-27, which aims to enhance digital skills and competencies for the digital transformation. In addition, the campaign will present various EU projects where ALL DIGITAL is involved, aiming to increase their visibility across Europe.


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  • Digital skills for all

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  • Digitale vaardigheden

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